Limits on states’ influence over federal lands cut both ways

Last week, the Washington Times published my op-ed on PLF’s challenge to California’s ban on suction dredge mining. From the introduction,

If you ask a rural Westerner how he feels about federal lands, the response will likely contain plenty of four-letter words. For decades, decisions made by faraway bureaucrats to restrict the productive uses of these lands have significantly affected nearby property owners and local economies, creating a constant source of conflict.

. . .

When these federal decisions are criticized, supporters respond that only the federal government can decide how “our” lands should be used. Yet blue states and environmentalists do not think that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. When Congress decides to put federal lands to productive use, they proclaim that states in which they hold political power should be able to overrule federal decisions at will.

You can read the rest here. For more on this case and conflict over federal lands, read this and this.


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